Ultra Low Phase Noise CMOS Crystal Oscillator -AOK-C9070LP-

Model No. AOK-C9070LP

Frequency: 50.000MHz – 156.250MHz

Package Size: 9.0mm*7.0mm

Logic: CMOS

We are pleased inform you our new Low Phase Noise CMOS Crystal Oscilator Model No. AOK-C9070LP.

This product was developed for mobile communication base 5G mobile base station board etc.
In order to enable communication to high speed and large capacity, against high frequency and low phase noise required for the reference clock.
By configuring this product with discrete, low noise value has been realized compared to the conventional 1-chip type.
It is also used as a clock source for special measurement equipment and medical equipment.

Test Sample: AOK-C9070LP

Frequency: 80.000MHz

Supply Voltage: 3.3V

Unit: dBc/Hz  Measured: E5052B(Agilent)

If you are interested in this Low Phase Noise CMOS Crystal Oscillator, please feel free to contact our sales department.


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