Special Custom Parameter Crystal Unit #1

This time, we will introduce our crystal resonator specializing in High Frequency.

AATAJAPAN CO., LTD. Has released a custom made crystal unit.

Have you had the following experiences?

By the way when you designed new products for your project, if you can’t find out  suitable components parts in the facility catalogs,how do you treat at the time? Also when you ask the components sales person to adopt parameter components parts, do you have experiment that the sales person said “Please choose your required model number in our products line-ups and model number, share annual quantity, the production schedule and target price of your project.

How do you think this situation and how do you solve this situation?

Changes in the method of selling quartz

We guess especially that the even Crystal Timing Device Markets, the sales methods had been changed like Semiconductor IC market sells nowadays.

In our opinion Crystal products are not same as Semiconductor field,In the Electronic Components Parts Field.

Many engineers who worked on crystal field felt that the production of crystal was “crystal is like a crop (agriculture).”
Even if the same components are used, products with completely different performances will be produced depending on the manufacturing method and the surrounding environment (Circumstances like temperature and humidity,etc).
In this situation, it is not possible to proceed with a trading method like Semiconductor
This means creating a product by selecting something closer to something like a Internet catalog shopping, which increases the likelihood that the final product will not meet the requirements.

In case of Crystal, because ICs can correct each value to some extent, we think that crystal manufacturers often require transactions with oscillators instead of oscillators.

Our products are not standard catalog models on the market, but are developed, designed and manufactured to meet the special oscillator parameters required by each customer.

Our Newly Special Custom Specification crystal unit

With the advancement to 5G described in the previous post, products with higher frequency and lower noise are being sought, and the Crystal Timing Devices used are increasing in specifications that are not compatible with the current standard model (mass production product). I am. Real applications will need to secure newly designed products.

An example of a high-frequency crystal unit

High Frequency Crystal Unit

The packages used are UM-1, SMD 6.0mm * 3.5mm, 5.0mm * 3.2mm (3.2mm * 2.5mm is planned).

There are various requests from current customers, but they are not always easy to clear.

This is due to the physical limitations of the single crystal, and of course the yield is not very good at the beginning of development.

In this situation, we repeatedly try and error & clear in order to derive the highest performance product material and manufacturing method each time, and clear each parameter that our customers are concerned about.

Naturally, products that exceed the physical properties of a single crystal cannot be made, so there are a few cases where the matter will be closed only by examination, but at the beginning of the inquiry, the customer has judged that it is impossible (it is said that other manufacturers can not respond) Also, specifications can be finally manufactured, delivered to customers, and continuous orders are received.

Our Products example

We would like to introduce the following special products as an example of the UM & SMD type high frequency Crystal Units.

  • High Frequency Crystal Unit for Discrete Crystal Filter (UM-1)

Please refer to previous post about UM-1 high frequency crystal oscillator (122.440MHz, 124.800MHz).

UM-1 High Frequency Crystal Unit for Discrete Crystal Filter

  • 100MHz quartz crystal unit for TCXO

Package Size: 6.0mm * 3.5mm
To satisfy all the required specifications C0, C1, ESR, Spurious, and Q-Value, the package used is 6.0mm * 3.5mm, which is slightly larger than usual.

Specification Sheet

  • Future plans

SMD type Crystal Unit for Filter
Product development up to 170MHz frequency
Development of SMD package 3.2mm * 2.5mm product

If you have a need for a high-frequency crystal unit, please contact us once.
Our engineers will review the technology and respond.

Please contact our sales department for details.



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