Ultra Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillator (Differential output SPXO)

AATAJAPAN CO., LTD. has released the ultra-low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillator.

Phase Noise is less than -160dBc / Hz on the floor.

In order to enable high-speed, low-latency, high-capacity communication (especially optical communication) in 5G, it is important to reduce transmission loss due to overall noise. For this reason, there is a need in the Crystal Timing market to develop products that reduce the noise of the reference signal. We can be the solution when you need a product that suppresses the phase noise of the oscillator at all in the design and manufacture of your communication equipment.
The AOY-L7050LPseries introduced this time is a differential output (LVPECL) crystal oscillator.
In addition, differential output (LVDS) is also available.


Package: 7.0mm * 5.0mm * 1.5mm

Frequency: around 100MHz ~ around 250MHz

Supply Voltage: + 3.3V +/- 5%


Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ + 85deg C

Frequency Stability: +/- 50ppm max.


  • LVPECL Oscillator Frequency: 200.000MHz

Phase Noise (@ 200MHz): -157dBc / Hz @ 100KHz

-161dBc / Hz @ 1MHz

-162dBc / Hz @ 10MHz

-162dBc / Hz @ 40MHz

PMS Jitter: 38fs(typ.)@12KHz~20MHz.



  • LVPECL Oscillator Frequency: 156.250MHz

Phase Noise (@ 156.250MHz): -158dBc / Hz @ 100KHz

-161dBc / Hz @ 1MHz

-162dBc / Hz @ 10MHz

-162dBc / Hz @ 40MHz

PMS Jitter: 48fs(typ.)@12KHz~20MHz.

Specification Sheet





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