New OCXO – Low Phase Noise Type – Released

We have released New OCXO Low Phase Noise type AXK-OLP series.

OCXO is used as a clock source for high-speed communication boards and measurement equipment.
Compared to conventional products, AXK-OLP series is an excellent product with Phase Noise special product and Aging special product.
Model No. AXK-OLP series
Frequency: 10.000 MHz
Package Size: 20.60 mm * 20.60 mm (5 Pin)
Output: Size Wave
Phase Noise Data@10MHz

 AXK-OLP33(3.3V type)AXK-OLP50(5.0V type)
@1Hz-96dBc/Hz typ.-98dBc/Hz typ.
@10Hz-128dBc/Hz typ.-130dBc/Hz typ.
@100Hz-148dBc/Hz typ.-150dBc/Hz typ.
@1kHz-160dBc/Hz typ.-162dBc/Hz typ.
@10KHz-165dBc/Hz typ.-168dBc/Hz typ.
@100kHz-165dBc/Hz typ.-168dBc/Hz typ.

In addition, this product is also highly competitive in terms of price.

If you are interested in our New OCXO, please feel free to contact our sales dept.


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