-Crystal Cap for UM-1&UM-5-

We have received crystal cap for UM-1 & UM-5 crystal unit from new facility.
We are going to inspect these crystal cap performance in our production dept.
At present, SMD products are the mainstream of quartz products, and DIP type crystal products are steadily decreasing.
However, products that require special crystal parameters of DIP also exist deeply, and our company responds and supply it.
Crystal Cap, which is a metal product, also has been stopped manufacturing each company, so it is difficult to obtain it.
Also, Crystal Cap may change the parameters of the crystal due to the difference in manufacturing method even with the same metal, size and treatment.
At our company, we evaluate the performance of Crystal Cap by actually manufacturing the crystal resonator as much as possible before selling Crystal Cap and measuring various parameters.We can supply special crystal unit such as UM-1 for OCXOs etc. If you are interested in our crystal unit and also crystal cap(Hermetic Seal), please kindly contact our sales dept.


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