C-band PLL LNB Flange Type

Nisshinbo Micro Device Inc. has released the flange type C band PLL LNB.
Full C-band (RF Frequency 3.4 ~ 4.2GHz) NJS8496series
Standard C-band (RF Frequency 3.625 ~ 4.2GHz) NJS8497series
Insat C-band (RF Frequency 4.5 ~ 4,8GHz) NJS8498series
The shape is different from the conventional product, but each parameter is the same as NJS8486, NJS8487, NJS8488 series.
With the launch of this new product, the old NJS8486, NJS8487, NJS8488 series will be EOL.

Please contact our sales office for details.

– Specification –
C-band PLL LNB
Internal & External Reference Model


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