The Reliability of VSAT Components(Total Cost Consideration)

Reliability of communication equipment is a very important item for communication management company and management company.
Currently the fact that communication systems are always in continuous connection has become a norm.
It is a well-known fact that the loss in the event of the system stopping temporarily damages the company’s survival.
The useful life of communication equipment has long been long, and along with that it is required to have a small fault establishment.

Basically two types of failure are classified as follows.
1) The operation of the entire product for executing the function has been stopped.
2) The operation as a product as a whole continues, but essential functions of some elements can not be executed.
However, even if it says universally a failure, there are various factors such as initial failure of components, accidental failure depending on the environment such as weather, failure due to aged deterioration, design mistake at the design stage, malfunction due to human error due to operator etc. Factors are considered.

Reliability is defined in IEEE 90 as follows.
Reliability is the ability of a system or component to operate essential functions under specified conditions for a specified period of time.
In other words, it is the prospect that the system and components will operate for a certain period of time without failure.

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) aims at system reliability Basically it is the scale and the unit is time.

The higher the MTBF value is, the more reliable the product is.
Reliability = e (- time / MTBF)
The basic prerequisite for analyzing the MTBF of the system is that in the case of an electronic system with a small number of moving parts such as the VSAT system, the wear failure period does not become faster so that it is generally standard operation during the service life The failure rate of the component during the period is assumed to be constant, and the failure rate curve like the following bathtub curve will be drawn.

Bathtub curve

MTBF of NJRC product
Although the MTBF for NJRC VSAT Components varies according to each type,
Currently calculated values ​​are as follows.
C-band BUC   1.39 – 4.33 * 105 hours @ + 55 deg C
C-band LNB    6.65 – 7.07 * 105hours @ + 60 deg C
Ku-band BUC 1.28 – 4.33 * 105hours @ + 55 deg C
Ku-band LNB  9.23 * 105– 3.41 * 106hours @ + 60 deg C

Both figures are very high, indicating that the product’s reliability is high.
If you need detailed numerical values ​​for each model, please contact our sales department.

Total Cost Consideration

Cost is also an important concern. Although the cost of the communication system is the initial cost plus the operation expenses, the increase in costs due to the breakdown included in this operation cost is a risk that you want to avoid as a system management company. As for the breakdown after the warranty period of the product, the system operating company will respond each time, but as the failure time is late, the overall cost will be cheaper as a matter of course, so the management company will take that into consideration It is necessary to design the system considering the reliability including MTBF of each constituent product (manufacturer).

*Specifications, designs and service contents described are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the details to our sales.*


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