We would like to introduce you NJRC Ku-band 40W Block Upconverter(BUC).

This BUC is using GaN Technology Amplifier.

Model Number: NJT8371

RF Frequency: Universal Ku-band (13.75 to 14.5GHz), Standard Ku-band (14.0 to 14.5GHz)

High Efficiency Output Power: Saturation Output Power=+46.0dBm, ACPR: -30dBc@Pout=+44.0dBm, Power Consumption=260W

AC Power Operation (Option available)

Monitor & Control Option: FSK Communication M&C, RS-232C Interface Serial M&C

Compact Size & Light Wieght: 230mm(L)x150mm(W)x100mm(H), 4.2kg

RoHS Complliance

Model No.RF FrequencyLocal FrequencyIF FrequencyOutput PowerIF ConnectorPower SupplyM&C
NJT8371NMK14.0 to 14.5 GHz (Standard Ku-band)13.05 GHz950 to 1,450 MHz40W Saturation (+46 dBm)N-typeDC Power applied on MS ConnectorFSK M&C
NJT8371NMRN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371NMKAN-typeDC Power supplied by AC/DC PSUFSK M&C
NJT8371NMRAN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371UNMK13.75 to 14.5 GHz (Universal Ku-band)12.8 GHz950 to 1,700 MHzN-typeDC Power applied on MS ConnectorFSK M&C
NJT8371UNMRN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371UNMKAN-typeDC Power supplied by AC/DC PSUFSK M&C
NJT8371UNMRAN-typeRS-232C M&C

If you are interested in this 40W BUC, please feel free to contact our sales department.

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