VSAT Components 2017-2018 Line-ups Alteration

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We would like to show you NJRC VSAT Components Line-ups 2017-2018.

We will introduce about this alteration.
1. C-band BUC
C-band 8 W BUC is available only for Standard C-band BUC.
3W BUC and 2W BUC are compact models as the main products and the conventional model is discontinued.
However, for 2W BUC (Palapa C-band) it will be compatible with Full C-band product.
(2 W BUC (Insat C-band) are available with conventional products.)

2. Ku-band BUC
Ku-band 6W BUC has slim type as the main product and the conventional model is discontinued.
4W BUC also has a compact model as the main product and the conventional model is discontinued.

3. Ku-band LNB
Ku-band DRO LNB (+/- 900 KHz, +/- 500 KHz) will be discontinued and will be compatible with Ku-band 2 LO PLL LNB.

Please refer to the correspondence table for detailed correspondence.

TypeOld Model(Discontinued Model)New Model (Current Model)
C-band 8W BUCNJT5761NJT5760(Standard C-band)
C-band 3W BUCNJT5679NJT8103
C-band 2W BUCNJT5667(standard C-band)NJT8102
C-band 2W BUCNJT5674(palapa C-band)NJT8102
Ku-band 6W BUCNJT5127NJT8306
Ku-band 4W BUCNJT5207NJT8304
Ku-band 4W BUCNJT5307NJT8304
KU-band DRO LNBNJR2144 2154 2184NJR2841 2842 2843 (2LO PLL)
Ku-band DRO LNBNJR2744 2754 2784NJR2841 2842 2843 (2LO PLL)

(Please note that discontinued items and new products may be changed without notice.)

As for discontinued items, only correspondence can be made with the current inventory and inventory parts, so please contact our sales department.

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-Crystal Cap for UM-1&UM-5-

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We have received crystal cap for UM-1 & UM-5 crystal unit from new facility.
We are going to inspect these crystal cap performance in our production dept.
At present, SMD products are the mainstream of quartz products, and DIP type crystal products are steadily decreasing.
However, products that require special crystal parameters of DIP also exist deeply, and our company responds and supply it.
Crystal Cap, which is a metal product, also has been stopped manufacturing each company, so it is difficult to obtain it.
Also, Crystal Cap may change the parameters of the crystal due to the difference in manufacturing method even with the same metal, size and treatment.
At our company, we evaluate the performance of Crystal Cap by actually manufacturing the crystal resonator as much as possible before selling Crystal Cap and measuring various parameters.We can supply special crystal unit such as UM-1 for OCXOs etc. If you are interested in our crystal unit and also crystal cap(Hermetic Seal), please kindly contact our sales dept.


Ku-band GaN 40W robust-BUC NJT8371series

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We would like to introduce you NJRC Ku-band 40W Block Upconverter(BUC).

This BUC is using GaN Technology Amplifier.

Model Number: NJT8371

RF Frequency: Universal Ku-band (13.75 to 14.5GHz), Standard Ku-band (14.0 to 14.5GHz)

High Efficiency Output Power: Saturation Output Power=+46.0dBm, ACPR: -30dBc@Pout=+44.0dBm, Power Consumption=260W

AC Power Operation (Option available)

Monitor & Control Option: FSK Communication M&C, RS-232C Interface Serial M&C

Compact Size & Light Wieght: 230mm(L)x150mm(W)x100mm(H), 4.2kg

RoHS Complliance

Model No.RF FrequencyLocal FrequencyIF FrequencyOutput PowerIF ConnectorPower SupplyM&C
NJT8371NMK14.0 to 14.5 GHz (Standard Ku-band)13.05 GHz950 to 1,450 MHz40W Saturation (+46 dBm)N-typeDC Power applied on MS ConnectorFSK M&C
NJT8371NMRN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371NMKAN-typeDC Power supplied by AC/DC PSUFSK M&C
NJT8371NMRAN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371UNMK13.75 to 14.5 GHz (Universal Ku-band)12.8 GHz950 to 1,700 MHzN-typeDC Power applied on MS ConnectorFSK M&C
NJT8371UNMRN-typeRS-232C M&C
NJT8371UNMKAN-typeDC Power supplied by AC/DC PSUFSK M&C
NJT8371UNMRAN-typeRS-232C M&C

If you are interested in this 40W BUC, please feel free to contact our sales department.


*Specifications, designs and service contents described are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the details to our sales.*

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New Products -Low Jitter high Frequency CMOS VCXO-

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We have started the production of Low Jitter High Frequency CMOS VCXOs.

Frequency: 30.000MHz — 160.000MHz

Package Size: 3.2mm*2.5mm, 5.0mm*3.2mm

Logic: CMOS

These models are Low Jitter types compared with our previous types.

Phase Jitter value of 12KHz to 20MHz is 0.1ps max.(effective value @100MHz is around 0.061ps to 0.070ps).

If you are interested in this Low Jitter CMOS VCXO, please feel free to contact our sales department.

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renewed our website

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Thank you very much for coming to the website of AATA JAPAN CO.,LTD.

We have renewed our website in full. We have improved the layout and design so that it will be a website that can convey information more clearly. I would be pleased if you would be more enjoyable through this site.

Humbly thank you in the future.